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The Canadian Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Conference (CUBEC) aims to be the first large scale event dedicated to connecting undergraduate biomedical engineering students across Canada. CUBEC is brought to you by the Bioengineering Undergraduate Student Society (BUSS) at McGill University and Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Student Association (BMEUSA) at the University of British Columbia.

Our Team

Co-President of BMEUSA

Nadine Truter

Hello everyone! My name is Nadine Truter and I am one of the two co-presidents of UBC's Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Student Association (BMEUSA). This is my second year in this position and my fourth year at UBC. I am interested in making BMEUSA a reputable program of hard and innovative students with a solid community of support for years to come. I am specializing in Cellular Bioengineering and with this want to hopefully develop a treatment or therapy for people with life-altering diseases that negatively affect their lives. I am extremely excited for what is to come with the Biomedical Engineering field in Canada and to be a part of its growing community.


Due to the accessibility challenges that COVID-19 has created, CUBEC 2020 will be a virtual experience that we hope will allow a greater number of students to participate given the remote nature of the conference.

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Students in biomedical engineering have a plethora of potential career paths to follow post-graduation. Yet, many students feel that they lack knowledge about what these opportunities may be and how one could become involved. CUBEC aims to bridge this gap by providing a platform for various academic research groups, industry leaders, and start-up companies to highlight what they do such that these students are aware of all of the opportunities open to them.

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